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eDaran IT Services

eDaran IT Services Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of eDaran Berhad and was established to undertake all businesses activities that involve and relate to the area of Information Technology. The company’s traditional activity has been in the area of systems integration and maintenance. Today, eDaran IT Services Sdn Bhd is a full fledged IT services and solutions provider, bringing to its customers, end-to-end IT systems solutions that include the provisioning, installation, commissioning, integration and maintenance of IT systems and related services.


eGST is a business unit established to provide software and services solutions for SME in preparation of the GST era in Malaysia. eGST team provides online and offline solutions for full set of accounting and Point of Sales – POS.


YBhg. Dato’ Bistamam Ramli
Chief Executive Officer

Encik Fazlan Azri Tajudin

Encik Abdul Aziz Shik Razak
Senior Vice President
Head of Operations – IT Division

Encik Sayauti bin Ahmad
Acting Head, Sales &

Encik Mohd Nor Fauzi Abdul Kayum
Head, eTrade Business


We have an experienced team of software developers and project managers who have undertaken and implemented customized solutions across both Microsoft .Net and Java platforms. We deliver comprehensive solutions for our customers’ Information Technology needs. We believe in sharing their mission and working together with them as partners towards achieving their specific goal. With a strong of experience behind us, we believe that we are the partner of choice when it comes to providing the right solutions for IT requirements. We are able to provide proof-of-concept in feasibility assessment of information technology requirements by custom building a working model database application that accurately replicate the customer’s business objective.

Our methodology involves careful planning, management, and execution. Its structure is formulated to provide a swift and efficient migration from your existing system into the new system, and in a fraction of the time it normally takes other systems. Besides that the Contractual Requirements will be referred throughout the project execution period. We also ensure that the quality of the software will be taking care by having an appropriate Quality Management process. Finally, the Project Manager will ensure that the project will be delivered on time and within budget.

In general, the implementation methodology will have four stages as listed below:

? Analysis & Design
? Development
? Testing
? Closure

Our Core Services

? Project Management
? Software Development
? System Integration


What distinguishes our document processing solution is the depth of subject-matter knowledge and operational expertise brought into the application of IT to a problem. We stand out in the marketplace with enterprise-class expertise and focused industry solution.

Custom Information Systems

A robust and completely paperless system covering all the aspects of Customs operations from Custom clearance, revenue accounting, internal tax and preventive application system fully compliant to WTO requirements. We also have enhanced the basic module with Decision support systems and gate control systems using a web-enabled front –end.

Healthcare- Continuous Career Development Program (CCDP)

The CCDP solution monitors the development of 22 different professions in the medical agency. The system facilitates all participants on planning, recording and tracking of CCDP activities and credit points.

Additional Phase also includes monitoring and managing placement / distribution of human resources throughout the clinics, hospitals and all health care facilities.

Wildlife and Natural Park Management

The Wildlife and Natural Parks management system provides solutions for the officers to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in managing the wildlife resources in the country.

The system covers various aspects such as:

  1. Enforcement: Issuance and monitoring license
  2. Ecotourism: Tourist information, publications
  3. Research: Tracking and archiving of rare species
  4. Training and Public Awareness: Courses, exams
  5. Protected areas: Enforcement
  6. Ex-Situ Rehabilitation: Genetic sources
  7. Biological Conservation: Inventory, complaints, strategic impact analysis

Investigative Reporting System

Online system to track and process complaints, investigation, evidence gathering, knowledge base, audit trail and notifications. The system provides the capability to check the status of any investigation online as well as keep all related information in one single electronic folder thus eliminating loss in time in locating documents.

A knowledge base of previous cases including related evidence is stored in a single repository allowing quick searches for cross referencing purposes.

Financial Planning, Budgeting and Consolidation System

  1. Analyst work in a familiar environment thanks to the seamless intergration into Microsoft Exce
  2. Budgeting and analysis within the same application
  3. A flexible ad hoc browser features fast and simple analysis
  4. Web publishing features for fast and communication within your enterprise
  5. Single cell access to all major data sources in the SAP and non-SAP world to link data from different sources within one report.
  6. Planning scenarios, what-if analysis?
  7. Scorecard/Dashboard, management cockpit

Our team comprises of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator ( MCDA) , Microsoft Certified Desktop Technician (MCDT) and Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) as well as hardware engineers who provide maintenance support services covering mainframe, servers, pc’s and printers to ensure high systems availability.

We have developed partnerships with best-in-class hardware providers to supplement our own technology that collectively represent all he components required to build robust, end-to-end solutions.

Presently, operating from various regional sites, we are continuously seeking to enhance our services further by providing enhanced /improved service levels through rapid attendance. We are gearing up to provide extended regional support by locating new support bases nearer to our customers.

Currently, in addition to our Headquarters, we have nationwide presence at all state in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah (Kota Kinabalu) and Sarawak (Kuching). These established support centres provide geographic proximity to our customer bases.

We transform the data centre according to the today’s IT environment. With latest technology in hand. We mange he data centre process efficiently. Data management will run efficiently and you can concentrate on business needs IT technical issues

We do migration of the application to be tally with the latest technology. The application can be a catalyst to the staff to enhance their productivity. It is also important to reduce the costs of operations and help the company to concentrate more on business core.

Security is really not an option. It is a must. Every company has to make sure that it has strong security management on their network. It is important to prevent any harmful agents, spam or malwares brought by hackers and to avoid data failure.

We manage the security issue by monitoring the network and servers so that only authorized people can access the database. We also determine what kind of firewall or antivirus software to be used to make the data more secured and reliable.

We offer outsourcing so that the companies can reduce the cost of operations in business process without losing their core business, quality and productivities.

As the world run fast nowadays, outsourcing becomes main practice to help the company gain more profits without worry about operational cost, qualities and productivities.

Nowadays, using the open source is popular among the industry players. Besides costing less than proprietary softwares, businesses can get better quality products at a fraction of the price and companies can increase the productivity and gain more profit from it. The workers can express their creativity because the level of freedom open source offers to users and developers.

Open source is the right choice to those companies who wants to produce a more secure and customizable products. Flexibility, interoperability and auditability are the main reasons open source holds an edge over proprietary softwares. Companies that embrace open source can produce more high quality, innovative and reliable products.

eDaran’s Customer Care Service operates around the clock to provide a Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) to our esteemed clients where business continuity is crucial. Customer Care Service is the main gateway to our technical support services.

Client queries are constantly monitored and we strive to provide First Call Resolutions and where further assistance is required, our Customer Care Executives will escalate the issue to the relevant technical support team for further action.We support multi-mode communications and customers can choose to interact with us via wide ranging communication tools that includes:

? Email
? Customer Care Web Portal
? SMS and WhatsApp
? Voice Call
? Fax
We would like to highlight some of the key points of our Customer Care Service:

? Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) for IT Support
? Ticketing and tracking that includes routing and email notifications
? Incident Management and Problem Management
? Provide level 1 and 2 support and escalate to Principal if needed
? Managing the Knowledge Base
? Adhering to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
We also operate our own in-house repair centre to undertake repairs on faulty equipment thus providing further cost savings to our clients.

We offer consultancy on software services in Business Analysis phase. We collect requirements in the Business Analysis phase to confirm what the user needs. In this phase, several meeting will be done to meet the user requirements and finally the solutions might satisfy the end user and our clients.


During consultancy, we determine all hardware and software requirements which are suitable for the future system. We also make the feasibility study to make the system more reliable and robust?when it becomes ‘life’ in the future.

In eDaran, we offer migration services. We change those old systems which need to be changed to new systems or add new features. We suggest what items or parts need to be replaced and the new flows or features need to be added.

We also suggest to use new methodologies or new technologies to ensure that the migration really tally with contemporary phenomenon for example, cloud computing.

Warranty services are provided immediately after the commissioning of the system. The duration varies from 1 (one) to 6 (six) years as requested by clients. During the warranty period, we are committed to inspect and rectify all errors and bugs, to ensure the system is usable.
For hardware related warranty, we have back-to-back agreement with Product Principal to ensure that the faulty hardware can be either replaced or repaired within the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

We design and develop the specialized application according to the respective clients. We go through to the clients to develop their specialized application that suitable for their scope of work and policies.

We have customers from established bodies in various government agencies which use our application such as Royal Customs and Excise of Malaysia, Environment Department of Malaysia and Anti-Corruption Agency Brunei Darussalam.