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Group Charter


We are business organisations. We are therefore part of the mercantile society.
Our Group’s business activities now and in the future will be guided by the values we embrace.
The speed of change of the business landscape has accelerated tremendously. There will be a more urgent need for new knowledge, new skills and new applications for us to remain relevant and sustainable.
We will pursue success and prosperity only through acceptable and justifiable means, mindful always of others and of the environment.
We will not be able to achieve much single handedly but, as a group, can achieve more.
This Group will establish a charter which will serve as the guide in the way we conduct ourselves.
Our Group Charter contains our philosophy, our values, our vision and our hope. Abiding by this charter will ensure the Group’s future success and prosperity.

Our Philosophy

We subscribe to the universal principle of “…..hablumminALLAH wa hablumminannas……”
We acknowledge that mankind and all creation are bound in a covenant with the Creator.
We must be grateful to Almighty God and be appreciative of all His creations.
We will respect all forms of life and strive to be in harmony with nature and our environment. We hold that no single generation has the right to plunder and destroy the earth’s resources and environment to the detriment of future generations.
We will continually seek Knowledge because It is the key to development, growth, new possibilities and success.
We will strive to deliver quality at all times.
We will deliver upon our promises.
We will be guided by ethics, values and principles in our dealings.
We will pursue success through acceptable and justifiable means. We believe that both the ends and the means must be equally justifiable.
The success we pursue must go beyond profit and material gains. We seek His acceptance and blessing in all we do.

Our Values

Gratitude to Almighty God and appreciation for all His creations.
Commitment to stakeholders
Keeping and delivering upon our promises
Good and principled practices
Delivering quality
Knowledge application and acquisition
Respect for nature and the environment
Enriching society

Our Vision

To enhance life and bring about a better future for all

Our Hope

To be a leader, an authority and a respected member of the industries we are involved in.
To be the hub of knowledge, skills, talent and competencies.
To be recognised as a Group with knowledgeable individuals, strong competencies, highly demanded skills, talent and values.
To go forward with full confidence.