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SIDIC Technology Sdn Bhd specialises in the provision of smart technology systems bringing together the world’s best technologies to address challenges in the area of physical and logical security requirements. SIDIC technology has evolved from its early beginnings as an entity focused on R&D in software applications providers. Among its core software applications offerings are CCTV surveillance, access control, smartcard related (and MyKad) applications, fingerprint biometrics and authentication and vehicle & asset tracking systems. Apart from the provision of software applications, SIDIC Technology also provides critical project management, training and consultation services as part of its comprehensive package of services.


SIDIC’s Security surveillance comprise of Access Control System and CCTV Surveillance System.

The?Access Control System?is built to allow authorized users to pass integrated doors or gates. The application is also able to restrict access to a selected, designated premise or area. Access control logic is user-definable and based on grouping and time zone sectors setup. The system will auto generate a list to the card controller to allow authorized users to pass.

The?CCTV Surveillance System?have time and time again proven to be one of the best monitoring and preventive tool. These products have scoured country borders, highly secured buildings, highways, city centers and even private homes for various reasons and for beneficial gains of crime prevention and analysis.

Security Surveillance solutions via TCP/IP infrastructure have revamped the surveillance method as compared to the traditional surveillance such as Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) as it provides a bridge to enter the digital networking world with the ultimate solution of a high-performance, scalable, customizable, low-cost digital video surveillance and monitoring. SIDIC has already explored this technology revamp with our satisfied customers.

Product benefits

  1. Smart fail safe operation – able to work stand alone
  2. Anti-pass back
  3. Tracing of card holders’ activities
  4. 2-man access & exit rule
  5. Roll call alert during emergencies
  6. Guard tour service
  7. Remote accessibility
  8. Unlimited hours, secure storage
  9. Flexible, pro-active image distribution
  10. Automatic alerts to e-mail.

Mobile & outdoor solutions for enforcement agencies and dispatch bodies

SIDIC contactless smart cards (mifare?) can be used for time attendance for staff with the incorporation of SIDIC Time Management System (STMS) software. The system provides ease of management for the administrators to view and track st affs’ attendance performance. Other than merely recording data, the system comes with powerful features that enable the administrator to group staffs , set monthly working schedules, processing, manage daily attendance data through comprehensive reports and create staffs’ Identification Cards.

Alert function was provided upon user login system which alerts the Administration on the Staffs Absent, Late coming, early out status by different time period. E-mail alert can be generated to the absent staffs in the Alert function by the Administrator himself.

Time Attendance Management is used to record clock in and clock out by the permanent and temporary staff. The staffs need to present their staff ID card to the readers to record the log in and log out data. It will generate time attendance reports based on time in and out at readers or terminals placed at strategic location. This will also be useful to become a replacement of punch card machine as the system can be integrated with 3 rd party payroll package.


  1. User Administration
  2. Department Details
  3. Reporting
  4. Shift Administration
  5. Password Protected
  6. Online Event
  7. Integration with other HR systems
  8. Scalable
  9. Real-Time Clock

Main objective of the implementation of Smart Campus Solutions is to increase convenience and security for the entire KUIS community. A smart card is used as the main medium for the e-campus solutions. The smart card is used as :-

  1. ID for the students both physical and electronic ID means to access to lecture hall, labs, parking bay and other restricted area
  2. Time attendance for students during classes and exams
  3. Clock-in and clock-out from hostel
  4. E-cash features can be incorporated into the cards for a cashless transaction at selected areas such as cafeteria, library, photocopying and others
  5. A medical card for student to utilize medical facilities within the campus and among panel clinics or hospitals
  6. Library cards with the integration of the e-campus system with the existing library system of the campus

Communication between students and lecturers or vice versa is made online via a portal. Students will be able to check their classes time table, exam halls, books from the libarary, notes and other related materials thru this portal.

Student visitor also can be monitored thru our e-campus by integrating with our visitor registration module

  1. Visitor Management System

    • The system will manage visitors entering and exiting from the premises and accessing the identified areas. A MyKad reader will be place at the reception counter.
    • This system applies for visitors visiting or meeting with staffs from the building. Their information will automatically be stored in the database once they insert their MyKad to the reader. The data will assist in tracking and monitoring visitors coming in and out of the building.
    • The proposed systems will eliminate false ID, illegible writing and flipping through in registration logs. Full report of visitors can be generated from the system.
  2. Registration System
    • This system will manage the registration of users for a particular events such as AGM, Exhibition, Showcase etc. The user informations such as name and IC no. will be gathered automatically from the user’s MyKad.
    • Both Visitor Management System & Registration System can be further enhanced their security features by combining a fingerprint biometric verification. User fingerprint will be compared and verified with the one stored in their MyKad before they are allowed to proceed.